[CCSM-Biogeochemistry] biogeochemistry working group meeting in June

Scott Doney sdoney at whoi.edu
Fri May 2 11:39:43 MDT 2003

Dear all,

The annual CCSM meeting in late June (24th-26th) at Breckenridge is fast
approaching. If you plan to attend and have not registered, do so now
through the CCSM home page http://www.ccsm.ucar.edu/news/ws.2003/
I would like also to finalize the agenda for the biogeochemistry breakout
working session.  Following a biogeochemistry plenary talk on Thursday

Carbon-Cycle Data Assimilation: Turning Diagnosis into Prediction
Peter Rayner, CSIRO

we have about 3 hours (9-1 with lunch) for a working group meeting. The
current plan is divide the time as follows:

-update on "common-path" CCSM-1 carbon-climate simulations
-progress towards a "common-path" CCSM-2 carbon-climate model
-presentations on entrepenurial  projects from working group members
-joint discussion with Climate Change Working Group about mutual overlaps
and interests

If you have something to contribute (particularly for the entrepenurial 
please let me know ASAP). Also, there will be a poster session(s) at the 
and I strongly encourage the working group to participate (if you plan to
have a poster, please also let me know in advance). Take care,



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