[CCSM-Biogeochemistry] CESM LMWG and BGCWG meetings, March 2-5, 2015: Call for presentations

David Lawrence dlawren at ucar.edu
Thu Dec 11 22:02:33 MST 2014

Dear Land Model and Biogeochemistry Working Group members,

The dates for the winter working group meeting are March 2-5, 2015.  A main
topic for this meeting will be discussion of CLM5 development (the current
timeline is for CLM5 to undergo a soft freeze in summer 2015 for testing
with other components prior to a release of CLM5 in CESM2 in June 2016).
Presentations focusing on the use of CLM in any application or on land
model developments in other models are also welcome and encouraged.

If you would like to give a presentation, please send a message by
FRIDAY, January 23 to Dave Lawrence (dlawren at ucar.edu) or Keith Lindsay (
klindsay at ucar.edu) with a title and brief description of the topic.  We
will organize the agenda around the presentations that are submitted and in
consultation with the SDWG who will also have their meeting that week.  As
in recent years, if there are more presentation requests than we can
accommodate for oral presentations then we may have a poster session.  If
you have questions or comments about the meeting, please send them to Dave

The tentative schedule is:

3/2 Monday  BGCWG/LMWG
3/3 Tuesday BGCWG/LMWG
3/4 Wednesday BGCWG/LMWG, LMWG/SDWG afternoon
3/5 Thursday SDWG

Note that as in recent years past, ocean BGC topics will be covered during
the OMWG meeting.


Dave Lawrence (LMWG co-chair)
Bill Riley (LMWG co-chair)
Keith Lindsay (BGCWG co-chair)
Gordon Bonan (BGCWG co-chair)
Jim Randerson (BGCWG co-chair)
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