[CCSM-LandWG] Job Announcement at JGCRI / PNNL

Barbara Ballard bballard at ucar.edu
Thu Mar 1 13:08:39 MST 2012

 From Maoyi Huang:

Job Description
The Joint Global Change Research Institute (JGCRI), a branch of the 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), is a world leader in 
integrated assessment of climate change, and employs the best available 
science to inform decision makers – including national and foreign 
governments and international organizations – on the implications of 
climate stabilization policies, energy R&D strategies and global 
perspectives of land-use change.

JGCRI is currently developing a reduced-form global model of greenhouse 
gases, the carbon cycle, and their effects on global temperature, sea 
level rise, and other geophysical and biological systems. Written in 
C++, this model is intended to be open source, computationally 
inexpensive, and balance process-level simplicity with fidelity to 
observed and predicted climate and CO2 records. It is designed to be 
useful for large-scale numerical exercises, while being able to serve as 
a component of other models, and capable of running a variety of 
science- and policy-related analyses. The model currently includes basic 
representations of most of the relevant physical processes and 
rudimentary testbed/support software.

The postdoctoral scientist would lead development and testing of, and 
analyses using, this evolving model. Primary duties will involve 
selection and processing of observational and other modeled data for 
comparison purposes. The candidate will also work on the architectural 
and scientific code of this model by bringing current scientific 
knowledge and the applicant’s particular specialties to bear; 
interacting and coordinating development efforts with collaborators; and 
closely working with colleagues at JGCRI and PNNL.

Qualifications / Skills / Training Necessary for the Position:
Required skills and experience: a Ph.D. in a field closely tied to the 
modeling of large-scale physical systems (e.g., carbon cycle, 
atmospheric dynamics, or land-use change), or other modeling experience 
in earth sciences; a quantitative background and proficiency in writing 
computer code, ideally C++; strong interpersonal skills, demonstrated 
ability for productive research, and an interest in cross-disciplinary 
collaboration. Please submit resume and cover letter at jobs.pnl.gov to 
id# 301469.

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