[CCSM-LandWG] CESM LMWG, BGCWG, SDWG winter meeting dates: March 2-5, 2015

David Lawrence dlawren at ucar.edu
Fri Oct 3 13:02:04 MDT 2014

Dear LMWG and BGCWG,

The dates for this Winter's LMWG, BGCWG, and SDWG meetings will be March
2-5, 2015 at the NCAR Mesa Lab. Pleases save the dates in your calendar. A
main topic for this meeting will be discussion of CLM5 development. The
current timeline is for CLM5 to undergo a soft freeze in summer 2015 for
testing with other components prior to a release of CLM5 in CESM2 in June

A call for presentations will follow in early January. The tentative
working group meeting schedule for that week is as follows:

3/2 Monday  BGCWG/LMWG
3/3 Tuesday BGCWG/LMWG
3/4 Wednesday BGCWG/LMWG, LMWG/SDWG afternoon
3/5 Thursday SDWG

Note that as in recent years past, ocean BGC topics will be covered during
the OMWG meeting.


Dave Lawrence (LMWG co-chair)
Bill Riley (LMWG co-chair)
Keith Lindsay (BGCWG co-chair)
Gordon Bonan (BGCWG co-chair)
Jim Randerson (BGCWG co-chair)
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