[CCSM-Ocean] [wg-cochairs] CCSM Annual Workshop: finalizing your working group session agendas

Emily Doremire doremire at ucar.edu
Fri Jun 1 10:38:38 MDT 2007

Hello everyone,

Bill Large and Steve Jayne have asked me to forward along the agenda for 
the Ocean Model Working Group session at the 12th Annual CCSM Workshop 
in June.


Agenda for the CCSM Ocean Working Group  Session at the 12th Annual CCSM 

TUESDAY, June 19, 2007


13:30 Purpose of CCSM3.5, tuning and BGC spin-up by K. Lindsay

13:45 CCCSM 3.5 Ocean configuration and solutions by G. Danabasoglu

13:55 Discussion

SESSION 2 :  Science and Results

14:00 The Ocean Response to Hurricane Francis by J. Price

14:15 High resolution coupled ocean results by N. Nakashiki

14:25 Diagnosing eddy diffusivities by F. Bryan

14:35 CORE integrations with CCSM3/HYCOM by Jianjun Yin

14:50  Title TBD by D. Tsumune

15:00 - 15:30    BREAK

SESSION 3 : The Path to CCSM4 and Beyond: LANL

15:30 POP/HYPOP progress and future directions:

15:45 Upper ocean work

16:00 Fresh water forcing and THC

SESSION 4: The Path to CCSM4 and Beyond:  NCAR and others

16:15 NRCM by E. Curchister

16:25 Wind Interpolation by D. Neckels

16:35 Banda Sea Mixing by M. Jochum

16:45 Vertical Resolution by S. Yeager

16:55 Discussion


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