[CCSM-Ocean] Biogeoscience Session (B36) at the Fall 08 AGU Meeting

Barbara Ballard bballard at ucar.edu
Mon Aug 4 14:20:42 MDT 2008

Dear Colleague,

We are writing to call your attention to a special session at the AGU 
Meeting this fall on "The Role of Climate, Carbon and Limiting Nutrient 
Cycles and Human Activities in Terrestrial Ecosystems".

Please consider submitting a contributed abstract to this session. The 
deadline for abstract submittal is September 10.

Please feel free to forward this note to others who might be interested.

Hope to see you in December,

Atul Jain
Elizabeth Holland

B36: The Role of Climate, Carbon and Limiting Nutrient Cycles and Human 
Activities in Terrestrial Ecosystems

Assessment of simulations to date with coupled carbon cycle-climate 
models show that carbon cycle feedbacks to climate change could 
significantly alter the rate of atmospheric CO2 concentration increase 
and climate change over the next hundred years.  Nevertheless, the 
terrestrial carbon cycle is not only directly altered by increasing 
atmospheric CO2 and climate change; it is also indirectly altered by 
feedbacks from potentially limiting nutrient cycle (e.g., N and P) 
perturbations induced by changes in CO2 concentration and climate. 
Moreover, C cycle and other nutrient cycles and climate change, and the 
link between them are altered due to different natural and anthropogenic 
disturbance agents. The focus of this session will be the integrated 
understanding of climate, carbon and nutrient cycles and human 
activities (i.e., land cover and land use change) feedbacks in 
terrestrial ecosystems.

Atul K. Jain, University of Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL 
61801, Ph.No: (217) 333-2128, Email: 
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Elizabeth A. Holland, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, 
CO, Ph.No: (303) 497-1433, Email: 
<mailto:eholland at ucar.edu>eholland at ucar.edu

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