[CCSM-Paleoclimate] Metrics/Diagnostics for CESM Evaluation from a Paleo Perspective

Bette Otto-Bliesner ottobli at ucar.edu
Thu Jun 13 10:47:02 MDT 2013

Dear CESM Paleoclimate WG Members,

An important component of the CESM development and scientific release is 
an assessment of the coupled model behavior. At next week's Paleoclimate 
Working Group meeting at the CESM Breckenridge Workshop, we will discuss 
'key metrics and diagnostics for CESM evaluation from a paleo 
perspective", using the following definitions:

* Metrics - A quantifiable comparison to observations that results in an 
objective "score" (with uncertainty if possible)
* Diagnostics - Visual inspection of model biases/behavior. These may 
include difference maps to observed fields, subjective visual assessment 
of fields for which observations may not be available for easy and 
direct comparison, etc.

Your input on this would be greatly appreciated. Please send your 'key 
metrics/diagnostics' to me anytime before next Thursday. If you have a 
slide illustrating a metric, even better. These metrics can be for 
assessment of the control simulation, for a paleo simulation, or both. 
Let's ensure that the paleo perspective has a voice!

Best regards,

Bette L. Otto-Bliesner
Senior Scientist

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