[Cesm2control] New TOA tuning run

Gokhan Danabasoglu gokhan at ucar.edu
Tue Feb 6 17:12:39 MST 2018

Dear All,

Following up from this morning's meeting, Bill, Julio, Mariana, and I went
over the ocean albedo calculations along with related publications. Cecile
will be starting a new simulation as in #266, but with the diffusive albedo
increased to 0.061 from 0.060 for the ocean. We realize that this is likely
too much of a change, but we wanted to make sure that we get a largish
response. I note that this change is within the range of estimates
(0.061+/-0.005) from Payne (1972).

It is quite puzzling and interesting that we have never (?) done such a TAO
balancing exercise. ..... Please chime in if I am incorrect with the
"never" part.

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