[Cesm2control] Heat Budgets from #279

Gokhan Danabasoglu gokhan at ucar.edu
Wed Feb 28 11:00:25 MST 2018

Dear All,

Alper and I have taken a quick look at the heat budget from #279
(attached). This is the short, 25-year simulation that included only the
heat budget corrections for the land model among the listed issues that we
discussed at our meeting. The run was stopped yesterday.

The good news is that the land model heat budget is now fixed. The table
shows a gain of about 0.004 W/m^2 for the land model. Unfortunately, the
atmospheric model is losing heat at about -0.23 W/m^2 which shows up as
gain in the ocean in its entirety. When normalized by the ocean surface
area, the ocean model gains heat at about 0.34 W/m^2.

We will start #280 (#279 + washout fix) and run it for about 25 years and
assess what we have for TOA.....

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