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Here is a posting to the netcdfgroup mail list that I thought would be of
interest to this group.


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We have chosen to adopt the standard_name attribute to our netCDF files. 
for it's ability to allow automatic detection of certain parameters.

However it falls short for redundant instruments.  For example
we typically have 3 instruments providing position, 2 giro IRU's and a 
GPS, plus an IRS/GPS blended set (i.e. 4 variables with standard_name of 
latitude, longitude, altitude, etc).

Which one is the best?

So we are also looking to extend this so that we can mark the best one 
as the 'reference', which should be selected.

We currently provide a variable attribute called 'Categories' which 
allows for tagging variables with category names (we use this to help 
locate variables from our typical list ~400 variables:

        float GLAT(Time) ;
                GLAT:units = "deg_N" ;
                GLAT:long_name = "GPS Latitude" ;
                GLAT:standard_name = "latitude" ;
                GLAT:Category = "Position,Raw" ;
                GLAT:DataQuality = "Preliminary" ;
        float LAT(Time) ;
                LAT:units = "deg_N" ;
                LAT:long_name = "Inertial Latitude" ;
                LAT:standard_name = "latitude" ;
                LAT:Categories = "Position,Raw" ;
                LAT:DataQuality = "Preliminary" ;
        float LATC(Time) ;
                LATC:units = "deg_N" ;
                LATC:long_name = "GPS-Corrected Inertial Latitude" ;
                LATC:standard_name = "latitude" ;
                LATC:Categories = "Position,Derived,Reference" ;
                LATC:DataQuality = "Preliminary" ;

We're considering the method shown above, a category called "Reference". 
 So before we implement, is there anyone else considering anything 
similar?  Comments?


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