[CF-metadata] Proposed Standard Names

Godin, Michael Godin at mbari.org
Mon Jul 25 15:13:16 MDT 2005

I'd like to propose some names I had to create while handling a pretty diverse set of oceanographic (and ancillary) data.  I am rather certain that these names do not already exist in the database, but I am less certain if I have followed the naming convention well.

The proposed names and units follow here:

air_carbon_dioxide_partial_pressure, 1	
altitude_above_seafloor, m	
photosynthetic_scalar_irradiance_in_sea_water, W m-3	
platform_heading, degree	
platform_pitch, degree	
platform_roll, degree	
platform_speed, m s-1	
sea_water_acoustic_velocity, m s-1	
sea_water_bioluminescence, photon s-1	
sea_water_carbon_dioxide_partial_pressure, 1	
sea_water_dissolved_oxygen_concentration, mol kg-1	
sea_water_dissolved_oxygen_saturation, 1	
sea_water_dissolved_oxygen_volume_fraction, 1	
sea_water_fluorescence, 1	
sea_water_nitrate_molality, mol kg-1	
sea_water_optical_absorption, m-1	
sea_water_optical_attenuation, m-1	
sea_water_optical_backscatter, m-1	
sea_water_optical_transmissivity, 1	
sea_water_particulate_optical_backscatter, m-1	
sea_water_particulate_volume_scattering_function, m-1 sr-1	
sea_water_phosphate_molality, mol kg-1	
sea_water_silicate_molality, mol kg-1	
sea_water_volume_scattering_function, m-1 sr-1	
spectral_scalar_irradiance_in_sea_water, W m-3
surface_carbon_dioxide_partial_pressure_anomaly, 1	
water_flow_rate, m3 s-1
A few may require some explanation:

photosynthetic_scalar_irradiance_in_sea_water: Sum of radiation from all directions. "Photosynthetic" radiation is the part of the spectrum which is used in photosynthesis e.g. 300-700 nm. The range of wavelengths could be specified precisely by the bounds of a coordinate of radiation_wavelength. Scalar irradiance is the photon flux incident on unit area of a spherical (or "4-pi") collector. 
sea_water_bioluminescence: Number of photons emitted from bioluminescent organisms in 1 ml of sea water, at a given flow rate.

sea_water_fluorescence: Fraction of light returned from sea water, relative t to illumination level.

spectral_scalar_irradiance_in_sea_water: Sum of radiation from all directions. "spectral" means per unit wavelength or as a function of wavelength; spectral quantities are sometimes called "monochromatic". Scalar irradiance is the photon flux incident on unit area of a spherical (or "4-pi") collector.

Thanks, Mike
Michael A. Godin
Software Engineer
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

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