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Any ideas for nested grids?

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Dear All,
   as some might be aware, quite often models produce data over a 
geographical region in multiple nests, typically with resolution
increasing from outer to inner nests.

COAMPS represents nests and their geometry in a data header file.
I was told that GRIB-1 uses standard tables and pointers to represent
nests and that GRIB-2 has an improved scheme (I'll need to look into
it later).

I have 2 questions:
1) Is there any standarad (or accepted) mechanism for representing
    nests in a NetCDF file? I have looked at CF conventions and it appears
    to me that it is possible to represent multiple fields (as separate
    variables), but there doesn't appear a way to represent multiple
    nests. I would appreciate if you could suggest a solution.

2) Does your GRIB-1 decoder write out nesting information in NetCDF
     in any manner?

This issue is important to us since consumers of data sometimes are 
interested in nesting information. Thanks in advance.

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