[CF-metadata] cf futures (long)

Russ Rew russ at unidata.ucar.edu
Mon Mar 7 10:27:24 MST 2005

Hi Frederique,

> We are currently asking people within the MERSEA project to apply as a 
> standard format NetCDF + COARDS/CF convention.
> This was done for the altimetry world and is under prosess for the sea 
> surface temeprature world.
> I am writing to enquire about the netCDF structure format in reference to 
> the remote sensing data to be distributed. I am currently looking at 
> converting some of our products from HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) to 
> COARDS netCDF. I was wondering if you could provide me with an example of a 
> netCDF file you already have (maybe SST ?) in order for me to check if the 
> structure format I am using is complete and correct.

Here are some examples of netCDF files that follow various conventions,
including CF and COARDS:


By the way, if anyone on this mailing list has better examples for
these conventions, or especially CDL files that include explanatory
comments, I would be happy to add them to the collection.



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