[CF-metadata] CF compliant Graphics?

Rich Signell rsignell at usgs.gov
Thu Apr 21 12:47:42 MDT 2005

Gross, Tom wrote:
> I’ve gone to all the trouble of creating CF compliant netcdf files.  I 
> assume that this is to allow graphics programs and other software to 
> easily use the included metadata.  What are such packages? 

The only software I know that takes advantage of CF conventions (those 
conventions that extend beyond COARDS) is Unidata's IDV.  It handles several of 
the dimensionless vertical coordinates, and also auxilliary coordinate variables 
  via the "coordinates" attribute.  Thus the IDV can handle netcdf output on 
general curvilinear grids in the horizontal and stretched coordinates in the 

We definitely need more tools.  When we have nice Matlab and IDL toolkits for CF 
compliant data, people will start *wanting* to put their output in CF-compliant 
form, and we'll get a lot more CF-compliant data.

Not many people will convert to CF just because it's a good thing to do.
Well, maybe a few government employees.   ;-)


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