[CF-metadata] stations and trajectories (the OTS standard)

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Sun Jun 19 13:59:23 MDT 2005

Dear All

Nan suggested that maybe
> OTS, with its relatively small number of parameters, would be
> a good place to start the BODC/CF map

That would be great! It would no doubt clarify some of the issues. I agree
with what others have said that there will inevitably be many lists of
parameters, which will not correspond one-to-one because they are more or
less specific, or "factorise" the information differently. I don't think that
CF standard names or any other vocabularies should "keep out" of some areas.
Instead, work must be done in providing mappings.

CF has lists of correspondences to standard GRIB codes and to PCMDI short
names. In both of these cases, the correspondence is also not one-to-one.



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