[CF-metadata] Re: Proposed Standard Names

Chris Webster cjw at ucar.edu
Thu Aug 11 06:18:06 MDT 2005

I like the idea that all variables regarding the platform are prefaced 
with 'platform_', that alleviates Jonathans earlier confusion where he 
didn't even realize [I think] that true_air_speed was that of the 
aircraft and not the wind.

This leaves some inconsistency; latitude, longitude and altitude are not 
appropriately prefaced.  Maybe others also, I didn't review the list.

I like this list:

platform_track_angle or platform_course


do we want these suffixed with '_angle'?  There is also potential for 

fwiw: Here are the inertial/platform variables we use the most:

LAT     5
LON     5
PITCH   50
ROLL    50
THDG    25	true heading
ALT     25	altitude
ACINS   50	vertical acceleration
VSPD    25	vertical speed
VNS     10	north-south component of ground speed
VEW     10	east-west    "    "    "    "     "
TASX	25	true air speed (we compute this)

and to a lesser extent:

IAS	indicated air speed.
TKAT	track angle true.
GSF     ground speed


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