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Godin, Michael Godin at mbari.org
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Hello Jonathan,

Please believe me that I am not trying to win the award for most esoteric standard variable.  My specific application of Lyapunov exponents is in finding Lagrangian coherent structures in coastal ocean flows, which shed some light on mixing, chlorophyll transport, and the life-cycle of phytoplankton.

In atmospheric studies, I believe that Lagrangian coherent structures are used in analyzing passive tracer dynamics, and in understanding the dynamics of multiple vortice flow.

Links to more information are here:


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I can imagine we may need such names, but it strikes me that a more specific application is needed to motivate a choice of name. Do you have a case yourself where you need this? Jonathan

> lyapunov_exponent: 1: a measure that determines for each point of phase space, how quickly trajectories that begin in this point diverge over time. The number of Lyapunov exponents is equal to the number of dimensions of the embedding phase space, but it is common to just refer to the largest one, because it determines the predictability of a dynamical system. 
> Or perhaps this be better named as:
> lyapunov_exponent_of_point
> Or maybe:
> lyapunov_exponent_of_point_in_air
> and
> lyapunov_exponent_of_point_in_sea_water
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