[CF-metadata] extended use of flag_values and flag_meanings

Burkhardt Rockel Burkhardt.Rockel at gkss.de
Fri Nov 11 04:59:18 MST 2005

That's a good solution from my point of view.


Am 11.11.2005 um 11:02 schrieb Bryan Lawrence:

> Hi Jonathan, Rurkhardt
> I think this is an issue that will come to us more and more ... so  
> coming up
> with a standard solution makes a lot of sense.
> Firstly, I agree the file should be self describing, and I think  
> the solution
> you propose will be compact and appropriate. However I would  
> recommend that
> we *eventually* standardise the string values *and* the numerical  
> encoding
> values (ie the standard name system would have to include the  
> values as well,
> and the numerical corrrespondents).
> In doing so we should follow the ISO extension model for  
> enumeriations, that
> is, not allow users to add their own additional enumerations (if  
> they have
> extra classes of land cover for example that are not in the  
> standard), but
> rather allow users to add their own long_names and enemerations  
> which could
> eventually become standardised ...
> One might argue that if we have standardised the numerical  
> encodings and the
> values in the standard name system then we don't need to repeat it  
> in the
> file. However, I think it is a level of redundancy which costs very  
> little,
> makes the software easier to build, and provides a lot of future  
> proofing, in
> that folk can lay down files which use their own encodings but also  
> have some
> hope of different folks doing things that are comparable (in time).
> Meanwhile, until we have the new standard name person in post, I  
> think your
> proposed solution is workable and most of what I suggest above can  
> be put in
> hold (until someone has the time to make it less incoherent).
> Cheers
> Bryan
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