[CF-metadata] request for new netCDF standart names

Elke Keup keup at dkrz.de
Wed Feb 8 08:28:22 MST 2006

Dear colleagues,

I want to make an application for a few more standart names I missed in the
netCDF standart name table.

1. forest_area_fraction

It describes the part of the grid volume covered with forest, MKS unit=1

2. skin_reservoir_content

A part of this quantity is the canopy water amount but additionally this
quantity contains the wetting of the bare soil. MKS unit=m

3. frozen_soil_fraction

This quantity describes the part of the soil which is frozen, MKS unit=1

4. surface_snow_amount_change

This quantity describes the change of the snow amount at the surface, 
MKS unit=kg/m**2

Please inform me wether it's possible for you to add
these 4 quantities to the standart name table.
Thank's a lot.

Kindly Regards

Elke Keup-Thiel


  Dr. Elke Keup-Thiel

  Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie
  Bundesstrasse 53
  D-20146 Hamburg

  Tel: +49 40 41173 406
  Fax: +49 40 41173 476
  E-mail: keup at dkrz.de
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