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Wed Mar 15 01:42:20 MST 2006

Dear Jonathan and others,

is there any news or any decision on the "change_in_" issue?


cf-metadata-bounces at schrieb am 24.02.2006 18:03:00:

> Dear Burkhardt
> > Then there is no standard name presently, in case I want to use the 
> > integrated value (kg m-2) for the change in atmospheric water content 
> > to advection?
> > Any chance to get one in the next time?
> Of course, we could define change_in_atmospheric_water_content_due_to_
> advection (kg m-2). This would set a precedent by introducing change_in,
> and I would very much welcome other people's views on whether this is
> a good idea.
> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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