[CF-metadata] new standard names

Beate.Geyer at gkss.de Beate.Geyer at gkss.de
Wed Apr 19 08:44:45 MDT 2006

Dear cf-metadata,

 I propose additional standard names.
To separate them from my previous proposals I continue the numbering from 
my last emails.

24. snow_density; kg m-3
25. surface_net_downward_radiative_flux_where_land; kg m-3
26. volume_fraction_of_frozen_water_in_soil; 1
27. liquid_water_content_of_snow_layer; kg m-2

open answers from 10.Apr.2006-email
 downward_heat_flux_at_ground_level_in_snow (already in list) is OK 
instead of snow_basal_heat_flux
>  > atmosphere_eastward|northward_stress_due_to_diffusion:Pa
> Are these momentum fluxes directed upwards or downward i.e. tending to
> accelerate the atmosphere below or above the level on which they are 
> (I realise this is an ambiguity about the gravity-wave stresses too.) 
> stresses are tensors, they need two signed directions to specify them.

The momentum fluxes as well as the other vertical fluxes are positive 
when downwards in ECMWF convention.

Best regards,
Beate Geyer
 Dr. Beate Geyer 
 GKSS Research Centre 
 Institute for Coastal Research 
 D-21502 Geesthacht, Germany 

E-Mail:   Beate.Geyer at gkss.de
www: http://icts.gkss.de
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