[CF-metadata] species as species in chemical and aerosol names - "mercury"

Christiane Textor christiane.textor at gmx.de
Tue Nov 14 00:16:14 MST 2006

Hi all,

Here is an explanation how the name was constructed: 

substance (mercury_dry_aerosol)
process (surface dry deposition mass flux)
measure of mass (expressed as such, or expressed as mercury)

 > surface_dry_deposition_mass_flux_of_mercury_via_dry_aerosol ?

'via' is not applicable here, because it refers to the deposition 
pathway, not to the substance.

 > replacing 'dry_aerosol' by 'in_dry_aerosol_phase' make the meaning 

This suggests, that the component of interest (here mercury) is only a 
minor species within the total aerosol mass. This might apply to mercury 
but not to other species, e.g. sulfate. Therefore I would like to keep 
the name as it is.

 > mercury_dry_aerosol_expressed_as_such

I like this suggestion, but from the HTAP exercise I realize that there 
are still problems with the expression 'as_such'. I think it should 
rather be expressed_as_mass_of_mercury


another expample

this can lead to very long names, e.g.

but is very clear. What do you think?


> yours,
> Ian
> Roy Lowry wrote:
>> Might replacing 'dry_aerosol' by 'in_dry_aerosol_phase' make the meaning clearer?
>> Roy.
>>>>> Jonathan Gregory <j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk> 11/11/2006 2:21 pm >>>
>> Dear Christiane
>>>> If I am interpreting the term "expressed_as" correctly, maybe this
>>>> should be:
>>>> surface_dry_deposition_mass_flux_of_mercury_dry_aerosol_expressed_as_mercury
>>> when I wrote 
>>> mercury_expressed_as_such_dry_aerosol I was referring to the total 
>>> aerosol mass, not only the mercury contained in it. Is this unclear? 
>> Yes, I find "expressed_as_such_dry_aerosol" to be unclear. Now I understand
>> what you mean, though. But could you not just say
>> mercury_dry_aerosol_expressed_as_such?
>> I suppose that "mercury dry aerosol" is the name of a substance, and then
>> "expressed_as_such" is saying that you are measuring the mass of that
>> substance, which contrasts with "expressed_as_mercury", when you are measuring
>> the mass of mercury it contains.
>> I wonder if that makes sense to other people.
>> Best wishes
>> Jonathan
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