[CF-metadata] Standard names status update

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Sun Dec 17 02:22:13 MST 2006

Dear Alison

Thank you for this very helpful summary.

> runoff_excluding_baseflow; kg m-2
Perhaps this one should be runoff_amount_excluding_baseflow, since we usually
have "amount" in such names.

> mole_fraction_of_hexachlorbiphenyl_in_air; 1
Should that be     hexachlorobiphenyl?

> water_in_ambient_aerosol_optical_depth; 1
I don't understand this one ... so long as the definition is clear! I under-
stand what water in ambient aerosol means, but I'm not sure what the optical
depth applies to.

I agree with your (Alison) comments on X_expressed_as_Y. We should include
expressed_as_Y even if X=Y, but only where there is a possible ambiguity. We
haven't had enough cases yet to know rules for when the ambiguity arises.

Best wishes


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