[CF-metadata] Putting cf to work?

Schultz, Martin m.schultz at fz-juelich.de
Fri Apr 4 02:13:25 MDT 2008

Dear all,

    I am in the process of developing some analysis tools for the HTAP model experiments in IDL and have reached a stage where I would like to bring the (netcdf) output files to CF standard. What clearly helps in this respect is the compliance synthesis document (although I won't have time to implement all of these checks and rules). Now I would like to make use of the standard_name XML file in order to find out the appropriate names and units for the variables I find. IDL appears to offer some good tools to parse XML files, so there would be no need of rewriting that into some other format. However, I don't see how I can efficiently map our HTAP variable names onto the standard_name table. I saw that several of the entries contain an <amip> tag which presumably denotes the variable name in the AMIP convention. Would it be possible to also add an <htap> tag into these tables? Would something like this survive future updates of the standard_name tables?  More generally: how are the XML files maintained and is it possible to add extra attributes?

    On the web I also saw the HTML table "Mappings to other parameter tables - PCMDI standard variable names" : Again - shouldn't this be incorporated into the XML file via a <pcmdi> tag? If there is a limited set of standard variable names (basically coming from large international intercomparison projects -- and these would likely converge over time, hopefuly), then having these extra tags in the XML file would create a "1-stop-shop" for standard names and really allow applications to make use of them without having to go through extra efforts of copying and pasting relevant entries for specific projects.

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