[CF-metadata] standard name proposal for CCMVal

Pamment, JA (Alison) J.A.Pamment at rl.ac.uk
Tue Mar 11 04:41:00 MDT 2008

Dear Veronika,

Thanks for your clear responses.

> 1) We accept "moles_of_X_in_atmosphere" instead of "burden" as it is
> precise and unambiguous.

Thank you.  All the moles_of_X_in_atmosphere and
tendency_of_moles_of_X_in_atmosphere names are now accepted.

> 2) We accept the use of "age_of_air" rather than "mean_age_of_air",
> will keep "mean_age_of_air" as the long_name. The definition could be
> added in the standard name table: "Mean age of air is defined as the
> mean time that a stratospheric air mass has been out of contact with
> the
> well-mixed troposphere."

Thank you.  As you pointed out in a separate email, the name under
discussion is actually "age_of_stratospheric_air".  This name is

> 3) "mole_fraction_of_passive_ozone_in_air": we suggest to delete it
> from
> the CF standard name list as it can mean different things; we will
> keep it as a long_name.

OK, thank you.  The proposal is dropped.

> 4) "potential_temperature_at_dynamic_tropopause" is fine.

Thank you.  This name is accepted.

> 5) "Cly, Bry, NOy":
> Total families (the sum of all appropriate species in the model), e.g.
> Cly = HCl + ClONO2 + HOCl + ClO + Cl + 2*Cl2O2 +2Cl2 + OClO + BrCl
> NOy = N + NO + NO2 + NO3 + HNO3 + 2N2O5 + HNO4 + ClONO2 + BrONO2
> Bry = Br + BrO + HOBr + HBr + BrONO2 + BrCl
> Definition:
> Cly: Total inorganic stratospheric chlorine (e.g., HCl, ClO) resulting
> from degradation of chlorine-containing source gases (CFCs, HCFCs,
> VSLS), and natural inorganic chlorine sources (e.g., sea salt and
> aerosols)
> Bry: Total inorganic bromine (e.g., HBr and inorganic bromine oxides
> and
> radicals (e.g., BrO, atomic bromine (Br), bromine nitrate (BrONO2))
> resulting from degradation of bromine-containing organicsource
> gases (halons, methyl bromide, VSLS), and natural inorganic bromine
> sources (e.g., volcanoes, sea salt, and other aerosols)
> NOy: Total reactive nitrogen; usually includes atomic nitrogen (N),
> nitric oxide (NO), NO2, nitrogen trioxide (NO3), dinitrogen radical
> (N2O5), nitric acid (HNO3), peroxynitric acid (HNO4), BrONO2, ClONO2

Thank you for supplying these useful definitions.  The discussion has
shown that there is clearly a need for the family names and I am happy
to include them, along with the appropriate definitions.

> 6. "nmvoc" has actually been removed from the CCMVal data request.

OK, the proposals for the nmvoc names are dropped.

> I hope this addresses all open issues. Thanks again for everyone's
> patience with the long list of names we suggested.

Yes, thank you, I think that all the outstanding issues with these
proposals are now resolved.  The CCMVal names will be included in the
standard name table at the next update.

Best wishes,

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