[CF-metadata] CF Conventions 1.2

Ethan Davis edavis at unidata.ucar.edu
Thu May 8 10:07:23 MDT 2008

John Caron wrote:
> We have a repository at Unidata of sample CF files, but they dont document which features they use. 
> It would be very useful to start that documentation, and tie in back to CF section numbers or anchors.
> I propose we start a repository of sample files, ideally on the CF site, documented as to what CF 
> features they use. It would be good if that documentation is a wiki (or equivilent), so that the 
> initial person can make a start, then others can augment and comment on

I think it would be useful for each approved change to have a document 
detailing the changes to be made to the CF spec. This document could be 
referenced by the test data documents. As it stands, we have the trac 
ticket discussions which can be very voluminous and even after approval 
aren't always clear what exact changes to the specification are to be made.

Perhaps the closing comment to the trac ticket should be a detailed 
change request. Though I think a separate (wiki?) document would be more 
useful (both during the trac ticket discussion and afterwards for 
documentation purposes).


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