[CF-metadata] CF complexity and CF compliance

Heinke Hoeck heinke.hoeck at zmaw.de
Fri May 23 03:04:20 MDT 2008

Joe Sirott wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if anyone involved in the CF process knows of any
> software libraries that are completely CF 1.2 compliant. I know that
> from my point of view -- as a software developer who develops software
> that must be able to read a wide variety of geophysical data formats
> -- it has been impossible to keep up with the increasingly complex
> conventions in the specification. It would be very helpful if I had
> access to a library that fully supported the semantics in the CF
> conventions (such as projections from CF allowed coordinate system to
> lat/lon space).
Dear Joe,

I able to offer you the cdo routines:
It is not completely CF 1.2 compliant. It is near 1.0. The main focus is
grib but you can use it for netCDF as well.
We used the cdo routines for the transformation from a coordinate system
to lat/lon space for the 'CLM regional climate model runs forced by the
global IPCC scenario runs'
The data stream 3 (projected onto a non-rotated grid with 0.2 deg.
spatial resolution) was created for the 'data consumer'. The quality
control of the
data stream 3 was very complex, because we had to use two different
transformations depending on the model (nearest neighbour method and
bilinear interpolation).

I hope this will help you

Best regards

Heinke Höck

Max-Planck-Institut fuer Meteorologie
Abteilung Modelle und Daten
Bundesstr. 53
D-20146 Hamburg   Germany
Email: heinke.hoeck at zmaw.de

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