[CF-metadata] statistic indices

Heinke Hoeck heinke.hoeck at zmaw.de
Fri Jun 20 02:43:55 MDT 2008

Jonathan Gregory wrote:
> Perhaps we do need to make a change regarding cell_methods. I suppose these
> will be climatological statistics, with climatology bounds instead of ordinary
> time bounds. We want to use "mean/minimum/maximum within days" in cell_methods,
> and then we need to indicate what processing is done "over days". That's when
> the threshold is applied, so perhaps cell_methods should say "count over days".
I thought 'sum' is correct, but you are right. 'sum' in Appendix E does
not fit for time.
So, I agree with you that we need a new cell_method 'count over days'.
'count over days'  means: The values of the indicator of
"mean/minimum/maximum within days"
for every day is counted.
'count' indicates that the result is a number(integer) and that looks
good for me.
> That means a new method to be listed in Appendix E - quite a simple change. 
Do we need a new ticket ? I hope it does not take so much time.

Best regards
> What do you think? Jonathan
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