[CF-metadata] Missing standardnames for our our ocean model MPI-OM

Martina Stockhause martina.stockhause at zmaw.de
Wed Jul 9 09:11:21 MDT 2008

Dear Jonathan,

I simply overread this point when I summed up the discussion. So, it's me who 
has to apologize for the caused confusion. 

It should have been
>   ocean_vertical_momentum_diffusivity
>   ocean_vertical_tracer_diffusivity

Best wiches,

On Wednesday 09 July 2008 16:24, Jonathan Gregory wrote:
> Dear Martina
> Sorry to reopen this, but in reading Ian Culverwell's list I have noticed
> something got lost from our discussion. I suggested your names should be
>   ocean_vertical_momentum_diffusivity
>   ocean_vertical_tracer_diffusivity
> and in your reply you said you agreed. But in your subsequent list you have
>   ocean_vertical_viscosity; m2 s-1
>   ocean_vertical_diffusivity; m2 s-1
> I suggested using "momentum diffusivity" rather than "viscosity" because we
> have a corresponding standard name atmosphere_momentum_diffusivity in the
> table already, and because "viscosity" is not always a quantity in m2 s-1.
> Then "tracer diffusivity" makes a contrast with this. It is quite likely
> that at some point we may be asked to distinguish ocean_heat_diffusivity
> and ocean_salinity_diffusivity, for instance, and "tracer" covers both for
> the moment.
> Hence could I repeat my suggestion for this change, with apologies for not
> having noticed it was missing before.
> Best wishes
> Jonathan

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