[CF-metadata] new standard names for ECHAM5/CLM/ERA

Pamment, JA (Alison) alison.pamment at stfc.ac.uk
Mon Oct 27 20:53:40 MDT 2008

Dear Heinke and Jonathan,

Thank you both for commenting on these names. I think we are agreed that


can go into the standard name table. They are well defined and, as
Heinke points out, common_concept would provide a means of creating
synonyms for these quantities (assuming that the proposal described in
ticket 24 is accepted).

> >
> > So the actual standard names proposals are:
> > downward_heat_flux_in_ice; W m-2
> > ice_thickness; m
> >

Thanks, Jonathan, for explaining ice formation processes so fully.  It
is very clear from what you say that "formed by freezing of water body"
doesn't adequately describe the distinction I was trying to make.

Heinke wrote:
> I like Jonathan's proposal:
> downward_heat_flux_in_floating_ice where lake_ice_or_sea_ice
> and
> floating_ice_thickness where lake_ice_or_sea_ice

I too am happy with these proposals.  The names

downward_heat_flux_in_floating_ice; W m-2
floating_ice_thickness; m

are agreed.  I agree also that it would be sensible to introduce two new
area_types of

lake_ice_or_sea_ice (floating ice excluding ice-shelves and icebergs)
floating_ice (includes lake-ice, sea-ice, ice-shelves and icebergs).

I will liaise with Velimir regarding the creation of the area_type table
agreed in trac ticket 17 and these two area types will be added as soon
as possible.

Best wishes,

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