[CF-metadata] new named fields for ocean

Ian Culverwell ian.culverwell at metoffice.gov.uk
Thu Nov 6 07:44:06 MST 2008

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for this.  It's always encouraging to see other ocean
modellers getting involved in CF! (I've been struggling to make NEMO
output CF-compliant recently.)

It seems that quite a lot of your proposed names are duplicates of
existing ones, eg
rainfall_flux, surface_downward_x_stress, heat_flux_correction,
surface_downward_latent_heat_flux, ocean_vertical_momentum_diffusivity,

Have you run your names through the latest CF standard_name table at
name-table.html ?
It would show up such coincidences. And many of the entries in this
table have descriptions attached to them, which may indicate whether:
(a) the existing name means what you want it to mean, when they
coincide; or 
(b) your field already exists under a different standard_name.

A few points:

(1) There are no standard_names including "laplacian" yet - it would
seem to be the default (coeffs in m2/s). 

(2) There are lots of "ocean_vertical_..." diffusivities (see table);
perhaps you need to to preface yours as "ocean_lateral_..."  (I don't
know; I'm no expert.)

(3) Are you proposing that cell_thickness be introduced as a new
cell_measure attribute (see Sec 7.2 of CF manual)?  That way all fields
"tied to" the cell_thickness could access it through post-processing


On Thu, 2008-11-06 at 08:15 -0500, Stephen Griffies wrote:
> Dear All,
> I present here a list of new names for fields relevant to the ocean.
> These fields are a subset of those proposed for the upcoming global
> climate model comparison project CMIP5, which is a project that feeds
> into the IPCC process. A report that fully defines these fields can be
> downloaded from (please look near the top of the web page)
> http://www.clivar.org/organization/wgomd/wgomd_publications.php
> I ask for your input on these names, with hopes of adding them to the
> CF list.
> Sincerely,
> Stephen.Griffies at noaa.gov
> co-chair of CLIVAR Working Group for Ocean Model Development
> -- 
> Stephen M. Griffies                    phone: +1-609-452-6672
> Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory  FAX:   +1-609-987-5063
> Princeton Forrestal Campus Rte. 1      email: stephen.griffies at noaa.gov
> 201 Forrestal Road                     http://www.gfdl.noaa.gov/~smg
> Princeton, NJ 08542-0308  USA


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