[CF-metadata] New area_type table and new links from standard name table

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Fri Dec 5 09:30:32 MST 2008

Dear Nan

I think the table of area_types should and will extend beyond the list in the
ticket that introduced it, but I suggest that we should take the approach we
normally do with standard names and conventions, of adding to it as the need
arises (although trying to bear future needs in mind), rather than trying to
devise a complete list from the outset.

> Does the fact of the 'ice_free_sea'  area type imply that plain 'sea'  
> has ice? 
> Or is 'sea' just a less definitive term that may or may not have ice?

The latter. This distinction was already made in cell_methods. sea is with
or without sea-ice.

We have introducing floating_ice to include icebergs as well as sea-ice, and
also ice-shelves and lake ice. This needs definition as it is not a common
term although it seems like a clear term to me.

Best wishes


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