[CF-metadata] Update to standard name table 11 November 2008

Pamment, JA (Alison) alison.pamment at stfc.ac.uk
Thu Nov 13 07:45:58 MST 2008

Dear All,

The standard name table has been updated as previously announced.  The
current version is now version 11, dated 11 November 2008.  Apologies
for the slight delay in publishing these changes - this was due to some
local power and networking problems.

The next scheduled update for the standard name table will take place on
Tuesday 13th January 2009.

Best wishes,

> I am planning to update the standard name table on Tuesday 11th
> November
> to add a number of names that have been agreed in recent weeks.
> see below for the list of planned changes.  If anyone spots any errors
> in the list, please contact me as soon as possible.
> On this occasion there are a number of changes to the standard name
> table arising from the discussion under trac ticket #17.  Related to
> this, please see below for information regarding the introduction of a
> table of standardized string values for variables with the new
> 'area_type' standard name.  Additionally, all references to the
> 'where_type' phrase will be deleted from the 'Guidelines for
> Construction of CF Standard Names' document
> (http://cf-pcmdi.llnl.gov/documents/cf-standard-names/guidelines).
> Another update of the standard name table is scheduled for Tuesday
> January 2009.
> 1. Aliases to be introduced for existing standard names.
> a. Aliases arising from the acceptance of the CF conventions proposal
> discussed under trac ticket #17
> (http://cf-pcmdi.llnl.gov/trac/ticket/17).
> All 9 standard names containing the term 'where' will be deprecated.
> They will become aliases of corresponding names without 'where'.
> Area_type information will in future be recorded in the cell_methods
> attribute using a special syntax created for that purpose.
> precipitation_flux_onto_canopy_where_land will become
> precipitation_flux_onto_canopy; kg m-2 s-1
> surface_net_downward_radiative_flux_where_land will become an alias of
> the existing standard name surface_net_downward_radiative_flux; W m-2
> surface_snow_thickness_where_sea_ice will become an alias of the
> existing standard name surface_snow_thickness; m
> surface_temperature_where_land,  surface_temperature_where_open_sea
> and
> surface_temperature_where_snow  will all become aliases of the
> standard name surface_temperature; K
> surface_upward_sensible_heat_flux_where_sea will become an alias of
> existing standard name surface_upward_sensible_heat_flux; W m-2
> water_evaporation_flux_from_canopy_where_land will become an alias of
> the existing standard name water_evaporation_flux_from_canopy; kg m-2
> s-1
> water_evaporation_flux_where_sea_ice will become an alias for the
> existing standard name water_evaporation_flux; kg m-2 s-1
> The descriptions of the names without 'where' will be extended to
> the meaning of the aliases containing 'where'.  This will avoid losing
> the meaning of any existing data that have been written using the
> 'where' names.
> land_cover and surface_type will both become aliases of the new name
> area_type.
> Additional information regarding area_type quoted directly from the
> moderator's conclusion of ticket #17: "Variables with standard_name of
> area_type must have one of the values listed in a special table. The
> initial list of values in that table is: land, sea, sea_ice,
> ice_free_sea, land_ice, snow, cloud, clear_sky, vegetation,
> bare_ground,
> all_area_types. Additions to this table will be requested on the CF
> email list." N.B. Please see item 3 of this email for two new area
> types
> that have already been agreed.
> b. Correction to a number of recently added standard names where space
> characters have inadvertently been included.  Many thanks to Robert
> Muetzelfeldt for alerting me to the errors.  The spaces will be
> and the existing names will be turned into aliases in case any data
> have
> already been written with the incorrect version of the names.
> > The standard names concerned are:
> >   mole_fraction_of_chlorine[SPACE]dioxide_in_air
> >   mole_fraction_of_chlorine[SPACE]monoxide_in_air
> >   mole_fraction_of_dichlorine[SPACE]peroxide_in_air
> >   mole_fraction_of_hypochlorous[SPACE]acid_in_air
> >
> A
> CE]
> 2. New names to be included in the standard name table.
> a) Names proposed by Heinke Hoeck for the ECHAM5/CLM/ERA models.
> cloud_liquid_water_mixing_ratio; 1
> cloud_ice_mixing_ratio; 1
> convective_precipitation_rate; m s-1
> toa_net_downward_longwave_flux_assuming_clear_sky; W m-2
> integral_of_surface_downwelling_longwave_flux_in_air_wrt_time; W s m-2
> integral_of_surface_downwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air_wrt_time; W s
> integral_of_surface_downward_eastward_stress_wrt_time; Pa s
> integral_of_surface_downward_northward_stress_wrt_time; Pa s
> surface_albedo_assuming_no_snow; 1
> minus_one_times_toa_outgoing_shortwave_flux; W m-2
> minus_one_times_surface_upwelling_shortwave_flux_in_air; W m-2
> minus_one_times_surface_upwelling_longwave_flux_in_air; W m-2
> downward_heat_flux_in_floating_ice; W m-2
> floating_ice_thickness; m
> 3. New area_type standardized strings agreed during the discussion of
> Heinke's proposals.  Please see item (1) and trac ticket #17 for
> further
> information on this.
> lake_ice_or_sea_ice (this means floating ice excluding ice-shelves and
> icebergs).
> floating_ice (this includes lake-ice, sea-ice, ice-shelves and
> icebergs).

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