[CF-metadata] seeking CF name for total water column height

John Graybeal jbgraybeal at mindspring.com
Wed Jan 27 09:41:58 MST 2010

Any particular reason that you are biased for this name representing  
only a short-term value?  Seems to me there is equally the need for a  
(measured or modeled) value that would be defined exactly the same  
way, but without the time qualifiers.

In general, when CF has a measured observable, the name makes no  
statement about whether the variable has been measured  
instantaneously, or for 1 hour, or for one month.  It's time-neutral.  
This has several advantages.

I suggest either the same principle be applied here, or that the  
possibility of the longer-time-frame name be accommodated by adding a  
qualifier to the name associated with this definition.


On Jan 27, 2010, at 00:58, Lowry, Roy K wrote:

> Dear All,
> I think a new Standard Name 'sea_floor_depth_below_sea_surface' is  
> what's needed here.  My definition for this would be 'The vertical  
> distance between the sea surface and the seabed at a given point in  
> space and at a given instant in time or averaged over a time  
> interval that is significantly less than a tidal cycle (1 hour or  
> less).' This may seem complicated, but is needed to cover BPRs which  
> do some averaging to smooth out waves.  My take on  
> 'height_above_sea_floor' would be as the z co-ordinate for something  
> inside a water body.
> May be worth pointing out to Jeff that there is already  
> 'sea_water_pressure_at_sea_floor' for BPR data that haven't been  
> converted to depth.
> I've expressed this as a depth rather than as a height to be  
> consistent with 'sea_floor_depth_below_sea_level' and so we don't  
> end up with different terms for the same quantity depending upon  
> whether one is looking upwards or downwards.
> Cheers, Roy.
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> Hello-
> I am a new subscriber. We are hoping to adopt CF names wherever  
> possible in the context of the Integrated Ocean Observing System  
> (IOOS) Sensor Observation Services (SOS). Not all phenomena we  
> measure have immediately apparent CF names, however. We are using  
> this URL as a reference:
> http://cf-pcmdi.llnl.gov/documents/cf-standard-names/standard-name-table/current/cf-standard-name-table.html
> The first example is total water column height as derived from a  
> bottom pressure recorder associated with a tsunami warning buoy.  
> This is not sea_surface_height_above_reference_ellipsoid or  
> _above_sea_level. It might be height_above_sea_floor but we're not  
> really sure what that refers to (height of what?).
> Is there a standard name present or planned that is equivalent to  
> total_water_column_height?
> Thanks for any information,
> Jeff DLB
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