[CF-metadata] sea_surface_wave_mean_period

Jeff deLaBeaujardiere Jeff.deLaBeaujardiere at noaa.gov
Fri Mar 5 11:03:15 MST 2010


Thanks again for helpful discussion regarding sea_floor_depth_below_sea_surface and water_surface_height_above_reference datum.

My next question is about wave data. We report a quantity that we call "Average Wave Period." A likely-seeming CF name would be sea_surface_wave_mean_period, but I only find that name qualified by a calculation method:


We would like to report mean periods without explicitly stating the method in the variable name. (We do have a metadata record that states a method such as "Longuet-Higgins 1964"; I do not know whether that title implies any particular method from the CF list).

May we use sea_surface_wave_mean_period without qualification?

More generally, below please find my proposed mapping of our current names to existing CF names:

Significant Wave Height = sea_surface_wave_significant_height (m)
Dominant Wave Period = sea_surface_wave_peak_period (s)
Average Wave Period = sea_surface_wave_mean_period (s) [*]
Swell Height = sea_surface_swell_wave_significant_height (m)
Swell Period = sea_surface_swell_wave_period  (s)
Wind Wave Height = sea_surface_wind_wave_significant_height  (m)
Wind Wave Period = sea_surface_wind_wave_period  (s)
Water Temperature = sea_water_temperature (C)
Mean Wave Direction at Peak Period = sea_surface_wave_to_direction (degree) [**]
Swell Wave Direction = sea_surface_swell_wave_to_direction (degree)
Wind Wave Direction = sea_surface_wind_wave_to_direction (degree)

[*] This is the proposed shortened name.
[**] I think this is the appropriate CF name but will consult with out wave experts.

-Jeff DLB

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