[CF-metadata] CMIP5 ocean biogeochemistry standard names

John Graybeal jbgraybeal at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 23 08:14:54 MDT 2010

Scalar coordinate value seems much more computable. I'm assuming if  
the coordinate value is absent, the default applies.


On Apr 23, 2010, at 06:14, Lowry, Roy K wrote:

> Hi Alison,
> John's response got buried in my 'todo' pile.  His 'flexible'  
> definition almost works for me, but I would prefer to take 2um (the  
> definition of field taxonomists) as the default, giving a definition  
> like:
> 'Picophytoplankton are the smallest size class of phytoplankton with  
> a maximum size of 2um for observational data and some models.  Other  
> models may specify the upper limit elsewhere in the range 2-5 um, in  
> which case the actual upper limit used should be specified.'
> Whether this specification should be done through the long name or a  
> scalar co-ordinate variable as John suggests is something I'm not  
> sure about.  Anybody any preferences?
> Cheers, Roy.

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