[CF-metadata] standard name grammar for version 14 of the table

Cameron-smith, Philip cameronsmith1 at llnl.gov
Thu May 13 12:32:00 MDT 2010

Hi Jonathan,

In quickly looking over your updated grammar page, I noticed that the _due_to_(phenomenon) section contained the following:

 from icebergs  
 from rivers  
 from rivers and surface downward water flux  

Would it make sense to move these to the (preposition)(medium) section?

Best wishes,


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Dear all

Encouraged by comments on my standard name grammar, I have updated it for
version 14 of the standard name table, published yesterday. Doing the update
was an interesting exercise. Initially most of the new names could not be
parsed, but it was fairly straightforward to add new phrases to the lexicon
until the parsing succeeded. The new version is at

You can imagine that proposals for standard names could be guided by such a
grammar, in which proposers would indicate how the lexicon and syntax should
be extended if required, as part of their proposal. If no such extensions are
needed, an automatic tool could help proposers construct standard names from
existing grammar, and you'd expect they would be acceptable once they'd passed
through a manual anti-green-dog filter.

In another email, I will comment on some specific issues with version 14.


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