[CF-metadata] New standard names for satellite obs data

Aleksandar Jelenak Aleksandar.Jelenak at noaa.gov
Thu Oct 21 08:56:26 MDT 2010


Evan Manning said the following on 10/20/2010 5:40 PM:
> I don't see any need for instrument zen&  azi.  These are angles to
> the instrument as seen from the observed location, and they must be
> equal to the angles for the platform on which the instrument is
> mounted.

When we discussed initially these standard names in my office a few
radar guys argued there could be instrument configurations where
platform's and instrument's locations are deliberately not the same. And
as a more general approach we settled on proposing "instrument_*" names.

You are correct for vast majority of satellite instruments.

> So I now propose: platform_zenith_angle platform_azimuth_angle
> platform_view_angle instrument_scan_angle  (or sensor_scan_angle)

The above standard names satisfy my immediate requirements. What others
think of including the "instrument_zenith_angle" and
"instrument_azimuth_angle" or prefer to have a real-life use case first?


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