[CF-metadata] MSG Cloud physical properties codification

Maarten Plieger plieger at knmi.nl
Tue Nov 30 09:28:42 MST 2010

Thanks Jonathan,

To summarize our discussion, these are the new standard names we would 
like to use:
- platform_zenith_angle (degree): "Platform zenith angle is the the 
angle between the line of sight to the platform and the local vertical";
- angle_of_rotation_from_solar_azimuth_to_platform_azimuth (degree): 
"The angle of rotation between the solar azimuth angle and the platform 
azimuth angle";
- thickness_of_liquid_water_cloud (m): "Cloud thickness (cloud top 
height minus cloud base)";
- effective_radius_of_cloud_condensed_water_particles_at_cloud_top (m): 
"Particle effective radius for both liquid and ice water particles";
- thermodynamic_phase_of_cloud_water_particles_at_cloud_top (status_flag 
liquid, ice and mixed): "The thermodynamic phase of particles at the top 
of the cloud";
(status_flag liquid, ice and mixed): "The thermodynamic phase of 
particles at the top of the cloud derived by using infrared radiances";
(status_flag liquid, ice and mixed):" The thermodynamic phase of 
particles at the top of the cloud derived by using near-infrared radiances";

When everybody agrees with these standard names, units and descriptions: 
what would be the next step?

Best regards,

Jonathan Gregory schreef:
> Dear Maarten
>> thermodynamic_phase_of_cloud_water_particles_at_cloud_top ?
> That makes sense to me.
>> thermodynamic_phase_of_cloud_water_particles_at_cloud_top_defined_by_infrared 
>> thermodynamic_phase_of_cloud_water_particles_at_cloud_top_defined_by_near_infrared 
> Also OK. I expect Alison would appreciate some indication about roughly what
> these wavebands mean, to include in the definition of new standard names.
> It would be fine to include all three in this list, both the general one and
> the specific ones, if you like. The standard name table defines quantities
> with more or less precision, depending on the needs of different applications.
>> How about the CF compliance checkers, are they able to detect the 
>> defined_by_* suffix?
> The checker matches against the entire standard name. Once these new names are
> in the list, it will not object to them. It does not parse names to try to
> deduce their meaning or check their validity.
> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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