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Robert Muetzelfeldt r.muetzelfeldt at ed.ac.uk
Mon May 3 14:33:40 MDT 2010

This looks very impressive, Jonathan. I hope it helps to bring about a 
shift away from long atomic standard names.

You refer to my earlier work on this topic. For anyone interested, here 
are links to my two relevant postings on the [CF-metadata] list:

28 Oct 2008: Re: [CF-metadata] a different (but perhaps unoriginal) 
approach to standard name construction

2 Nov 2008: [CF-metadata] A grammar for Standard Names

The first of these two postings points to a web page which contains some 
more details of one approach I used, at
along with the grammar itself (in XSugar format).

I subsequently replicated the same exercise using Prolog's grammar 
notation, though this has not been written up. I'm happy to provide 
details on request.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Gregory wrote:
> Dear all
> Stimulated by Robert Muetzelfeldt's initiative to produce a grammar for CF
> standard names based on the existing guidelines for construction of standard
> names, I have done some work on deriving a comprehensive grammar of the
> standard name table, described at
> http://www.met.rdg.ac.uk/~jonathan/CF_metadata/13/standard_name_grammar.html
> The grammar consists of a lexicon, which lists the phrases composing standard
> names and assigns each one a phrasetype (scalar, medium, component, surface,
> etc.), and a list of patterns which describe the syntax of standard names e.g.
>   tendency_of_atmosphere_water_vapor_content_due_to_advection
> conforms to the pattern
>   (function_of) (layer) (scalar) due_to_(phenomenon)
> In the web page I have described how I did the analysis. Attached to the web
> page are the files which define the lexicon and the patterns for version 13 of
> the standard name table (the present version), and two scripts for checking
> and processing standard names using the grammar.
> I don't know whether this will be useful, but I believe it could be. It ought
> to make it easier to devise new names based on existing lexicon and syntax,
> and to see how to extend the lexicon and syntax when necessary.
> Cheers
> Jonathan
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