[CF-metadata] Non-standard dimensionless vertical coordinates

Randy Horne rhorne at excaliburlabs.com
Tue Jan 24 11:00:03 MST 2012

On the program I am working, we have temperature and pressure profile products where data values are generated for multiple pressure levels in the atmosphere (i.e. the z-axis).  Dimensionless vertical coordinates as defined in paragraph 4.3.2 of the CF metadata document appears to be the best way to establish coordinates for the data values at the different pressure levels.  Unfortunately, the various formula options defined in Appendix D.  Dimensionless Vertical Coordinates do not work for the pressure levels that are reported in our temperature and pressure profile products.   In fact, because of the non-linear and non-exponential characteristics of the reported pressure levels, it is unlikely any type of simple formula can be constructed to provide a mapping between monotonically increasing integers and reported pressure levels.

Any thoughts as to what other options we have to handle this ?

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