[CF-metadata] Response to [lc-cci] proposal for new CF standard names for land cover observation and classification

Hessel Winsemius Hessel.Winsemius at deltares.nl
Tue May 1 06:07:00 MDT 2012

Dear CF maintainers,

I would like to acknowledge that we also are interested in similar 
variable names as posted by mr. Martin Boettcher. The subject of the 
previous post was:
[CF-metadata] [lc-cci] proposal for new CF standard names for land cover 
observation and classification

In particular we are interested (and I quote) in:

>/  standard name: probability_of_water_occurrence
/>/  definition: probability that the observed pixel shows water
/>/  unit: none (a value between 0 and 1)/

and  along with this a standard name, which defines the quality of this 
estimate, using a modifier. The suggestion by mr. Boettcher was:

>/  standard name modifier: confidence_level
/>/  definition: applied to some discrete variable, denotes the probability that the assignment of the value to the variable is correct

Our variable name for the quality would then become:
standard_name: probability_of_water_occurrence_confidence_level

There was some inclarity as to what 'probability of water occurrence' 
means. In our case, we are preparing an operational automated service 
for flood mapping from EnviSAT ASAR satellite data (in the future, we'll 
use Sentinel-1). In our algorithms, each pixel is given a probability 
that it contains open water. We are never 100% sure that a pixel is land 
or water. Therefore, we need a 'probability' instead. The ability of our 
algorithm to distinguish between land or water is sometimes good and 
sometimes not. Therefore we need the 'confidence_level'.

Does this clarify our case? Please let me know if any clarifications are 

Kind regards,
Hessel Winsemius



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