[CF-metadata] defects in example 7.11, 7.12

Jonathan Gregory j.m.gregory at reading.ac.uk
Wed Feb 29 10:48:51 MST 2012

Dear John

> 1) Example 7.11. Extreme statistics and spell-lengths
>  climatology_bounds="2007-12-1 6:00", "2000-8-2 6:00";
> should be
>  climatology_bounds="2007-12-1 6:00", "2008-3-1 6:00";

I agree. 

> perhaps clearer as
>  climatology_bounds="2007-12-1", "2008-3-1";

Could be, but of course that's not the same thing. The original example does
illustrate the point that climatological days do not have to start at 0:00.

> 2) flip order of 7.11 and 7.12, since 7.12 refers to 7.10.

Yes, that would be better.

> 3) 7.12 Temperature for each hour of the typical climatological day
>  temperature:cell_methods="time: mean within days ",
>       "time: mean over days time: mean over years";
> may be confused with array of strings, perhaps should be:
>  temperature:cell_methods="time: mean within days time: mean over
> days time: mean over years";

Can you have a multidimensional character array as an attribute anyway? I
find that if I process the example with ncgen and ncdump I get back a
single string, as in your revised version. I think they must be equivalent.

I would have to search the emails, but I feel certain that we agreed that
the threshold would be specified as a coord var (scalar in this case) for
statistics like this. In the definition of the relevant standard_names it
actually says this is a requirement. Does this present a problem?

Best wishes


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