[CF-metadata] identification of vector components

Cameron-smith, Philip cameronsmith1 at llnl.gov
Wed May 16 15:40:56 MDT 2012

Hi Jonathan, et al.,

Sounds good to me.   Especially the part about moving to a more grammatical system.

Best wishes,


Dr Philip Cameron-Smith, pjc at llnl.gov, Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

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> Dear Mark and Thomas
> I also think that we would do better to keep the current arrangement of
> standard_names with the umbrella variable as an extra grouping. As you
> may
> remember, the question of whether CF standard names could be decomposed
> into
> separate words or atts has been discussed several times. My own view is
> that
> this would be very difficult and has disadvantages as well as
> advantages.
> Instead, I think would be better to make it easier to construct and
> propose
> new names systematically. A couple of years ago I did a fair amount of
> work
> on that, which I have not brought up to date, but it could be revisited
> if
> you think it is promising. For instance, please have a look at
> http://www.met.reading.ac.uk/~jonathan/CF_metadata/14.1
> Since some of the concern is about backward compatibility, perhaps we
> could
> address Mark's need by defining new standard names for his more general
> purpose, for example x_or_eastward_wind, thus not redefining the
> existing ones.
> As a digression, we could also take the opportunity to make them more
> systematic. With hindsight, it seems a mistake to me that we chose to
> have
> e.g. eastward_sea_ice_velocity and sea_ice_x_velocity, with the
> component in
> a different place. The reason was that the meaning of an x_ prefix to a
> long
> standard name might not be obvious. Perhaps xward_sea_ice_velocity
> would be
> better, and eastward_sea_ice_velocity and
> eastward_or_xward_sea_ice_velocity.
> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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