[CF-metadata] Warming up old stuff - 4 (emissions)

Schultz, Martin m.schultz at fz-juelich.de
Fri Jul 6 04:39:10 MDT 2012

Dear Alison, all,

    thanks for bringing this to a conclusion, and thank you also for your thoughtful comment. I like your idea of broadening the definitions somewhat to allow for a little more flexibility in the practical use without having to invent new standard_names for every new combination of sectors. I am only wondering (but this should be a discussion under a different thread), whether "comment" is the right attribute for such things. Without having checked the standard_name table for this, I assume that there are some other occasions where additional clarification is at least useful if not mandatory. "Comment" is rather general and optional. For the sake of improving CF to become better suited for interoperability purposes, it may be a good idea to either formalize the way the "comment" attribute shall be used (the standard_name table could indicate if there should be a comment attribute available for any given standard_name), or, alternatively, to extend the syntax of standard_names to add "mandatory" or "recommended" comments right there (for example "tendency_of_atmosphere_mass_content_of_carbon_monoxide_due_to_emission_from_energy_production_and_distribution: IPCC source categories 1A1 and 1B as defined in the 2006 IPCC guidelines for national greenhouse gas inventories".)

With this, I hope that we can close the discussion on the emission names soon and let them see the light of the next table.

Best regards,


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Dear Martin, All,

Martin Schultz proposed a set of emission names about 12 months ago and there has been some sporadic discussion since. I would like to draw this discussion to a conclusion so that we are in a position to include these quantities, which are clearly of fundamental importance to the climate community, in the standard name table.

To summarize the situation so far: [...]

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