[CF-metadata] FW: CF Names vocabulary

Lowry, Roy K. rkl at bodc.ac.uk
Wed Sep 19 08:35:20 MDT 2012

Dear All,

Those interested in developing the semantics of Standard Names might like to know about the following work.

I've directed Michael at how to join this list.

Cheers, Roy.

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Subject: Re: CF Names vocabulary

Hello All (those who I know Ben, Luiz, Stefan, John) and those who I do not know (Carlos Adam)

I am at the UNIDATA pol committee meeting in Boulder and had a chance to talk to Ben about the nectcdf CF work that is ongoing also in the context of OGC.

As a result he forwarded to me the email trail that originated on Sept 6th, which I read with much interest. In part because we at CCNY have been working on ... well yes, netcdf CF ontologizing. 

Just a short summary: we are trying to use the underlying grammar of the name conventions to identify a structure that is deeper and more multi layered than the narrowerThan. I think this is what SImon asked for, and I wholeheartedly support this: there certainly is more structure to the naming conventions than a flat one level construct with only a single layer of narrowerThan. 

We are also trying to figure out a way to restructure the underying structure to sort it along likely facets by which you most likely want to search. While putting this in OWL, we are also try to SKOSysize it, the latter with the desire to have an environment in which we can start building cross walks to other CVs such as in CUAHSI HIS or SRS (EPA and USGS). 

As I am trying to better understand what the conversation is about, I looks to me as if this could be of interest.


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