[CF-metadata] Standard Names for: Ocean Kinetic Energy and Relative Vorticity

Napoleon Cornejo cornejo at stcorp.nl
Tue Jan 20 09:23:20 MST 2015

Hi Jonathan,

Since these quantities will be calculated in Local North Oriented Frame
(LNOF), I would like to submit these names for the gradients:

northward_derivative_of_acceleration_due_to_gravity (Txx)
westward_derivative_of_acceleration_due_to_gravity (Tyy)
upward_derivative_of_acceleration_due_to_gravity (Tzz)
northward_upward_derivative_of_acceleration_due_to_gravity (Txz)
northward_westward_derivative_of_acceleration_due_to_gravity (Txy)
westward_upward_derivative_of_acceleration_due_to_gravity (Tyz)

Let me know if these seem appropriate.  All with unit: s-2. 


On Wed, 2014-12-17 at 13:34 +0000, Jonathan Gregory wrote:

> Dear Napoleon
> > Is it the convention to include the direction in the name?  We will be
> > calculating the gradient in more then one axis  (Txy, Txz, etc, for a
> > total of 6 quantities).
> Yes, it is the convention. There are not many tensor quantities named but it
> is not unpredented e.g. downward_eastward_momentum_flux_in_air. As you see,
> both sign and direction are indicated.
> Best wishes
> Jonathan
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