[CF-metadata] Salinity units

Nan Galbraith ngalbraith at whoi.edu
Fri May 22 11:03:24 MDT 2015

Hello all -

It's been a long time, but is anyone interested in re-visiting the subject
of units for practical salinity in CF?

I was recently notified that my salinity data was likely to be 
overlooked by
some users, because I'd used '1' as the units, not '.001'. Somehow, I'd
forgotten the (long-ago) discussion on the CF list about salinity units.

Some members of  the OceanSITES project are interested in revising our
format spec to encourage the use of '1' as an indication that salinity does
not have units - but, of course, we'd mostly rather remain CF-compliant.

Thanks for any feedback on this.

Cheers - Nan

On 6/17/09 2:48 AM, Lowry, Roy K wrote:

 > Dear All,
 > During an exercise with Alison mapping the CF Standard Names to a
 > units vocabulary in the BODC vocabulary server I noticed that the
 > units for salinity were '1.00E-03', i.e. parts per thousand. My
 > understanding in that since the introduction of the Practical
 > Salinity Scale that salinity is dimensionless with units of '1'.  Is
 > there agreement for our changing the units in the Standard Name
 > table?
 > Cheers, Roy.

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