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Thread: "Proposed Standard Name: dvorak_tropical_number"

Current status: under discussion
dvorak_tropical_number (canonical units: 1) ' "dvorak_tropical_number" means the tropical number derived using the Advanced Dvorak Technique based on satellite observations, which has been empirically related to maximum sustained 1-minute wind speed and mean sea level atmospheric pressure.'

Alison Pamment wrote on 2 July 2015:

No comments were received on this name following the original proposal. Please can you confirm whether my interpretation of 6a and 6b is correct (see 6a). I suggest that this name should be dvorak_tropical_cyclone_number for consistency of wording with 6a and to make clear that it relates to cyclones. The units are fine.

On the related dvorak_tropical_cyclone_intensity_number proposal (aka 6a), Alison wrote:

Having done some reading around the subject, it appears that the Current Intensity (CI) number relates cyclone intensity to maximum wind speed in particular, rather than mean sea level pressure (MSLP). The relationship between intensity and MSLP seems to be summarized in the Tropical (T) number which I think is the subject of proposal 6b. Please can you confirm whether this is correct? The definitions of 6a and 6b should make clear the difference between the two names and a reference to the Advanced Dvorak Technique should be added.

Reply by Mike Carlomusto 3 July 2015:

Alison, you are correct. The calculation of the Dvorak T number (proposed standard name "dvorak_tropical_number") uses maximum wind speeds and mean sea level pressure.  The GOES-R Hurricane Intensity Estimate product will contain variables "raw_T_number", "adjusted_raw_T_number" and "final_T_number" which will all use the same standard name (dvorak_tropical_number).

I disagree that the proposed standard name should change from dvorak_tropical_number to dvorak_tropical_cyclone_number.  The latter looks more like a cyclone identifier, which it is not.

I would like to submit the following revised proposal:

dvorak_tropical_number (canonical units: 1) ' Definition:
The Advanced Dvorak Technique (ADT) is used to derive a set of Dvorak Tropical numbers using an objective pattern recognition algorithm to determine the intensity of a tropical cyclone by matching observed brightness temperature patterns, maximum sustained winds and minimum sea level pressure to a set of pre-defined tropical cyclone structures. Dvorak Tropical numbers range from 1.0 to 8.0, increasing with storm intensity. See Olander, T. L., & Velden, C. S., The Advanced Dvorak Technique: Continued Development of an Objective Scheme to Estimate Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using Geostationary Infrared Satellite Imagery (2007).  American Meterorological Society Weather and Forecasting, 22, 287-298. '

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