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Karl Taylor taylor13 at llnl.gov
Mon Jul 20 15:42:34 MDT 2015

Hi Mark,

I didn't quite understand how the standard name gets associated with a 
variable (containing 1 or more realizations from the ensemble). Someone 
said it was through a scalar coordinate variable, but I don't see how 
the ensemble member is a function of the ensemble size, so why would 
this be appropriate?

Could you supply an example?

Also, I didn't follow why "original" was included in "original ensemble 
size".  Surely, you wouldn't report this number unless you thought the 
ensemble size was pretty much set and wouldn't change. In that case 
there shouldn't be a need for a "modified ensemble size", so wouldn't 
"ensemble size" suffice?


On 7/20/15 9:24 AM, Hedley, Mark wrote:
> Hello CF
> Late last year we had a discussion about storing
> original_ensemble_size
> in a CF file
> http://mailman.cgd.ucar.edu/pipermail/cf-metadata/2014/thread.html#57756
> There were a few options discussed, with John Graybeal making the 
> suggestion
> original_ensemble_size
> /description: The number of members constituting an ensemble./
> for a new standard_name definition, which seemed to fit the case very well
> It does not seem to have been adopted into the standard names list as yet.
> Please may this name and definition be adopted, or reasons not to 
> detailed here?
> thank you
> mark
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